Central Oregon

Testimonials are something I just started at the end of 2011. While I wont post a testimonial from every pup the real testimonial is that while I will always hold up on my guarantee, I have never had someone who was unhappy with the ability of their pup.

Gunny x Tilly 6/20/2010

Mark Smith


Tri Cities, Washington


 “I just wanted to say thank you again for such a great dog - I couldn’t be happier. I have been a cowboy for years and never had a dog that would go gather pastures for me. I can ride out infront and Duke will bring the cows behind me. He is the toughest dog I have ever owned, all bite and no bark. Thanks for breeding such great dogs.” (10/13/2011)


Sis x Ringo 9/17/2011

Jose Lopez

Paicines, California





“Hi Sasha,
The puppy my father in law kept is doing great. The other puppy is doing fine as well last i heard. They live "near by" (country for 10 miles away), but don't see each other often. My father in law named his puppy Caporal, this is Spanish/Mexican for the number one ranch hand. Hope that makes sense. He stayed at the house for awhile only recently did he take him with him on the truck. He said that he looked scared but that his new best bud Chencho, no translation, was there for moral support. Chencho was the hangingtree cowdog my father in law got for free. Caporal and Chencho have become real best buds as i saw them playing together many times. My father in law loves Caporal, he told me that after work he takes the time to play with him. My wife and I were rebuilding the chicken coop and saw Caporal try and chase a calve that was on the other side of the barbwire. He gave chase for several feet on his side of the fence, while the calve ran on the other side, before he saw momma coming and he steered away from all that trouble. We could not stop laughing, that was so amazing. I can truly see his desire to go and work the cows. The other gentleman that purchased the other puppy was really impressed by them. He said that they look really well build and healthy. He actually called my father in law to tell him that he took the puppy out with him while he rode his horse, the puppy stayed with him the whole time. He thought the little guy would get tired but he did not, he is really happy with him. Thank You so much Sasha for raising such beautiful and incredible dogs. If there is a place where i could place a review or something of the sort let me know. I would like to tell others out there about your awesome dogs. I told my father in law to ask if any body out there is interested, he will send them to me and I to you. Thank You Again Sasha.” (1/10/2012)



January 2012    January 2012






Tilly x Ringo 3/11/2011
Vicki and Frank White

Lewiston, Idaho

"Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing good. We got home Monday night... no car sickness!!!!!

So far I think Frank has decided to name him "Hells Canyon" aka "Hell-yon" for short.

Frank was out in the yard with Hellyon Wed. night when the horses that we have turned out came up to the fence. Hellyon decided that they didn't need to be there - he barked - spooked the horses so they took off & 2 that were lagging behind, Hellyon saw them and went back down the fence to get them going, He thought he made it all happen. Frank couldn't believe that a 5 week old puppy was already showing herding and not intimidated by the horses. Maybe it was an accident but, Hellyon is constantly healing us & then heading us off. If our feet move he is hanging on to a pant leg!! My Jack Russell is not so sure that she likes his herding abilities!!!! When we got home, Hellyon thought he couldn't make it all the way up the four steps into the back porch - that only lasted a couple of times - now he is running & bouncing his way up & down the steps!!!” (4/22/2011)




Rat x Ringo 4/29/2011

Paula Burgess

Portland, Oregon




 "Fletch is the most obedient and smartest dog we've ever owned. He was quick to potty train, doesn't bark, and is eager to please. He looks at us often to determine where we are and make sure his actions are acceptable. In fact, he learned to heal so quickly and doesn't stray so by the time he was two and a half months old we stopped using a leash!" (1/12/2012)





Sis x Ringo 9/17/2011

Larry and Leah King

Lockwood, California



“Hi Sasha.... That is some dog, I expect her to finish out very well. She is a pistol just full of energy. I run her 2 miles and she is still ready to go. She gets along great with all the kids and dogs around here and I am happy to have her… What I like about this pup is she is no nonsense she is ready to learn and work, she is an athlete full of energy but still biddable and easy to handle.“ (12/23/2011)


“I would like to add this to what I said about the dog, Sasha worked with me for a month to make sure I got a pup that suited me and She kept in contact after the sale to make sure it was working out, it has been a pleasure doing business with Her.“ (1/21/2012)

January 2012

Rat x Ringo 4/29/2011

Delene and Jim Dormer

Kila, Montana



“She is Jims (my husbands) dog and she is great. She is just what you said. She sleeps on our bed and plays with our 6yr old (lena is the boss) and then if you take her outside and sick her on a cow she is right there..we have one fence around the house and lena and sage (my daughters ausie) keep them away from the house. The cows can only come so close and the dogs go after them with out us saying anything. If Jim gose for a ride on his horse and Lena is in the house she freeks out if i dont let her go. She sat on the back of the couch winning for an hour tell Jim came back then she was fine... I love my dog she is perfict....she is quiet but very submisive and loving... she not to big but big enough to get the job done and is not afraid to take a bite… Shes still learning to do what she is asked... Thanks again.” (1/20/2012)

Rat x Ringo 4/29/2011
Kory Shriver
Redmond, Oregon


“Charlie is extremle smart. He picks things up very fast, he is good with people, and excelent with my kids. Great all around cowdog.” (1/22/2012)


January 2012


Dots (Started Dog, year and a half old)

Matt Browning

Caldwell, Idaho


“Dots is a smart dog and everything you said shed be and more. She didn’t miss a step when she came out here and listens to my commands as if I’d traind her myself. She knows her directions ever better than I had hoped for. Shes obedient and extremely tough, I have never owned such a great head dog. I feel like you could have sold her as finished dog, couldn’t be happier with her.” (3/3/2012)

Montana x Sport 7/11/2012
Jacqueline Townsend
Sublette, Kansas

"I am 150% happy with him hands down. Have referred you and your ranch and told people how to get a hold of you when asked about where I got him... We have had 3 or 4 $2000 or higher offers for him!!! He's crazy good!!!" (7/25/2013)

Jacks as a puppy (Pup on the left)


Tuff x Cinch 12/19/2012
Jacob Wiseman
Twin Falls, Idaho

"Sasha, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Colt. He has more natural instinct than any dog I have ever owned. He is a hell of a head dog but will still drive cattle with me. I will be looking for another dog from you shortly so Colt has a working partner and I dont have to pay people to come ride for me. Great dog, thanks again. Ill send photos soon."  (3/28/2014)


Kailani (9/22/14)

Max Waite

Templeton, California




“Thank you so much for everything. You were so kind on the phone and you made everything so easy… She is going great. Everyone loves her so much.” (12/23/2014)





Missy (9/22/14)

Mike and Judi

Bly, Oregon



“Hi Sasha! Just had to send you a little note to give you a little repot on Mike’s pup. He was feeding this morning and cutting strings on the large round bales. He had Missy on the leash and when the cows were crowding around the bales, his little cow dog [3 months] was lunging and trying to bite their noses! He is very happy with her so far. She has a great personality! She didn’t bark either!” (12/28/2014)