Central Oregon
Started Dogs

Please check back often or email me if you would like me to start a dog specifically for you. For tips on basic training go to the training page.

I start a few dogs every year, however these dogs tend to sell very quickly. A started dog is consider a dog one that has begun his or her training with cattle. A started dog knows basic obedience, is well socialized, is becoming familiar with the universal cowdog commands and has been introduced to cattle in a controlled environment and in the field. These dogs are not finished dogs but they are well on their way to becoming superior working dogs with a little more time.

All started dogs that I sell have natural herding ability with a strong desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament and wonderful personalities. Their superior intelligence makes them easy to handle and manage.

Rocking Horse Slick



Slick is a littermate to Rocking Horse Sport, born September 17th, 2011. He ought to be the same caliber of dog Sport is. Likes to head, I haven't seen him heel just yet. Knows his directions, down, stay, ect. Tough dog.  $1,200.00  -- SOLD