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It is my objective is to breed superior herding dogs with the use of good solid genetics, selective breeding and years of experience in both livestock production and animal science. I am well versed in and having spent years studying different genetics and different working techniques. Genetics is the foundation that my breeding program is based upon, along with knowledge of livestock, canine behavior and working-dog experience.
All pups or started dogs that I sell have natural herding ability with a strong desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament and wonderful personalities. Their superior intelligence makes them easy to handle and manage. Every puppy or dog should be handled with respect, love and given every opportunity to reach their full potential. 

All of my dogs are ranch proven and help with the day to day operations on the ranch. Please
contact me anytime if you have questions. 
Tilly, Tuff, Cinch, Rat, Montana, Sis, Ringo
Summer 2011

The Kennels January 2012

The Hangin Tree Cowdogs:
A composite breed created by Gary Ericsson and Charlie Trayer 25 years ago. They are made up of mostly border collie,  kelpie, catahoula, and a tiny bit of australian shepherd through the famous Aussie HT Black Bear. The dog's currently have their own association and registry, only dogs out of registered parents may be registered, and they must prove working ability by biting both heads and heels of cattle. You can find out more about the registry by visiting The Hangin' Tree Cowdog Associations website.

Rocky Mountain Montana

Sire - Hangin' Tree Duke; Dam - Hangin' Tree Sue

Purebred registered Hangin' Tree young female with her permanent registration papers. Working preference is 40% heading and 60% heeling. Tough dog with lots of potential.

Winter 2012
Montana Head     MontanaHolding_March2012     Montana Heel

Pierces Cinch

Sire - Hangin' Tree Trap; Dam - Hangin' Tree Abby

Purebred registered Hangin' Tree young male. Cinch is rough dog with a lot of go. Working preference is 95% heading and 5% heeling. He works hard with no quit. Cinch is one of the best built dogs I have ever seen. Good size and bone.

Cinch Winter 2012

Cinch Head   
Winter2012    Cinch and Tuff


Sire – Hangin' Tree Sport; Dam – Cattlemaster Chick
Rat is all business when it comes to working livestock. However she is also a wonderful companion who loves attention. She is very tough, works both ends. She's very athletic, quick and light on her feet. She is an excellent working dog with a wonderful temperament and personality to match. Rats working preference is 70% heading and 30% heeling. While she would perfer to head she is a very well balenced working dog. Well built dog, lots of muscle.

Rat2012    RatMovingatSkullCanyon    2010

Sire – Australian Sheppard; Dam – Border Collie/McNab 
He is a very nice male, lots of bone, with a wonderful personality and temperament.  He has plenty of eye, but is not sticky.  Ringo has strong desire, natural instinct, and ability. His intelligence is overwhelming with a strong desire to please. Quick with the endurance to go all day. Ringo is my go to dog that I use every day.  He is dependable and consistent. Working preference is balanced at 50% heading and 50% heeling. 


    Ringo and Tuff 2012   

Swift Creek Tuff
Sire – Hangin' Tree Rocky Mountain Zeke; Dam – Hangin' Tree Hess's Dobie 
Purebred registered Hangin' Tree female. The first and third photos of Tuff were taken of her working at 4 months old. Tuff is an entergetic dog with no quit, she promises to be a strong working dog. Tuffs working preference is still changing due to the limited amount of time she has been on cattle but is 40% heading and 60% heeling.

Tuff 2012



Sire - Ringo; Dam - Rat

Six month old black male with a lot of promise. Hasn't been on cattle much but he is intelligent and wants to please. Sport inherited the best; Ringo's desire to please and Rats love to head. Sport has a working preference of 80% heading and 20% heeling. When not working sport if very laid back and quite. This pup loves to work more than most.


March 2012    December 2012    March 2012


Daltons Cowdogs

Lace is a 7 month old female from one of Len Daltons (Campti, Louisiana) last litters. She is 1/2 border collie, 1/4 black mouth cur, 1/4 pit bull. I have only worked Lace a few times but she promises to be a strong head dog.


Sage the House Dog

Sage Winter 2012    Sage Winter 2012    Sage and Tuff Winter 2012